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Block Chronicles in collaboration with Casa San Jose have launched the Pittsburgh Latinx Artist Residency (P-LAR) program. The first of its kind 10-month opportunity for emerging Latinx artists in Allegheny County.

Each artist will:

  • Participate in an opening retreat in an area within driving distance of Allegheny County and a closing retreat in Puerto Rico with sessions in: Artistry; Health & Well-being; Financial Advising; Strategic planning; Grant Writing, and Curriculum & Instruction

  • Receive support from a team of mentors in your discipline including feedback and input on development of projects

  • Monthly sessions with nationally recognized artists in topics related to Artist Development, Health and Well-being, and Strategic Planning

  • Curate art installations for Casa San Jose’s 2022 Annual Robert Clemente Day Celebration.

  • Work with young learners (K-12) for 2021 Hispanic Heritage Month 

  • Receive a maximum stipend of $5000 ($500/month) throughout the duration of the residency

  • Receive additional funding to support the development of existing or new work




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Rafael Bullones
Human #X from planet Earth, Rafael Pastor Bullones Varga (Rapabuv, pronouns: He/Him) is originally from Venezuela. Rapabuv is a visual artist and self-proclaimed amateur writer who works in cloth design and painting inspired by the Universe. He is currently writing a novel named “Me voy enamorando – “Falling in love.” His works explore the vast complexities and visuals of Glitter, Universe, Nature, and the Fifth dimension. With his 5D perspective of what is real, not real and surreal. His goal is to make you feel something. You can catch him doing yoga or doing work as a Paralegal for the nonprofit Community Justice Project ( Come into the loving universe of Rapabuv and Welcome them to P-LAR!

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Roger Rafael Romero (Preferred name: f3ralcat)
f3ralcat (pronouns: He/They) is from Bronx, NY but was raised in Suburban NJ. f3ralcat is a Music Composer, Music Producer, Instrumentalist Performer, Screenwriter, and Game Developer. f3ralcat wants to invite listeners into a world that is of their own creation, achieving singularity in the process. They work to counteract the ‘sexy sax’ image, to deconstruct the commodifying, dehumanizing aspects of the music world and dismantle oppressive systems with their vision. They are the star, and they will be seen as such. You can find their work at Link tree: . Take a look into their world and welcome them to P-LAR!

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Gina L. Guevara
Driven by, “el sabor de la isla”, Gina L. Guevara (she/her) is a Puerto Rican, island blooded artist in search of connection to her roots through art exploration and collaborations. Gina was born and raised in Puerto Rico and moved abroad at seventeen to go to college in the US. With her art she makes beauty out of paper, construction materials like insulation panels, wood, fabric, chicken wire, to enhance her connection around nature. She feels the rhythm of the exotic flowers and animals, nature’s radiant colors, the sounds of creation in the flow of water, the sound of heartbeats in drums and music such as the sound of el coqui. She is developing an artist’s hub space for meetings, collaborations, grant guidance, to help other Latinx artists not feel lost when they come to the US. She hopes to get the opportunity through her work and artistry to provide a creative community for the Latinx homies. You can see her work and her movement through life on her Instagram @ginalorell. Welcome her to the P-LAR cohort!

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Rafael V. Migoyo
Cuban-born, American-raised conceptual artist, Rafael V. Migovo (pronouns: he/him), was born in Havana, Cuba whose primary focus is to give body to thought covering themes such as the passage of time, relationships of humans to art and vice-versa, work/labor, simplicity and complexity, contradictions, perception. He aims to encapsulate these ideas within his drawing and photography or any medium of art that the emotions take him toward. With his art, he hopes to leave an impression and also through his work at his art business called Del Caiman which represents renown artists from Cuba and provides the artists an international platform to share their work and also sponsor the awareness of authentic Cuban culture. You can find his art and what he is up to on Instagram, under @ravimi_art and at his website is Follow the emotional abstraction of life, follow the feeling and welcome Rafael to P-LAR!

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Jorge Antonio Gumucio (Antonio)
“Out of one’s element, an eternal contradiction // Both a pragmatist and a dreamer, a skeptic and a true believer,” Jorge Antonio Gumucio (pronouns he/him/his/El) is a writer, filmmaker, graphic novelist who specializes in Neo-Noir elements.  He hopes with his art that people may look at life through different lenses and perspectives. He wants people to examine their privilege as U.S. citizens in contrast to the troubles experienced in the poorest nations in the rest of the world. He hopes through to raise awareness about life on the streets and provoke people to explore the depths and complexities of those inhabiting the underworld. He wants the universal truths to unite people and communities. Welcome this soul to P-LAR!

For additional information or questions, please contact  Fernanda Ruiz



Your contribution enables P-LAR to continue supporting Latinx artists in Allegheny County.

The Pittsburgh Latinx Artist Residency (P-LAR) is supported in part by New Sun Rising's Collective Action for Re-imagining (CAR) Grants

Community Partners & Corporate Sponsors

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