Block Chronicles (BC), is a national web-series and online magazine profiling the work of Latinx and other BIPOC educators, artists, researchers, and community organizations in the areas of Education; Health Equity; Arts & Culture.


Production Team

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Dr. Jason Méndez

Cofounder & Executive Producer


Jason is a Boricua nonfiction writer, screenwriter, and theater artist, and educator. His work explores South Bronx culture and history, Boricua identity, and the idea of home. Rooted in ancestral memory, his stories embody an ancestral fury – from the enslavement of Taino Indians in post-colonized Puerto Rico to the gentrification and displacement of Puerto Ricans in the South Bronx. For more on Dr. Méndez visit:

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Dr. Juan Carrillo

Cofounder & Executive Producer

Juan is a native of working-class communities in south Los Angeles, California and the son of Mexican immigrants from the state of Sinaloa.Carrillo's interdisciplinary research draws from critical frameworks and qualitative methodologies such as narrative inquiry, autoethnography, and testimonios. His work looks at the role of agency in historically marginalized communities, with a particular focus on Latinx students. Juan is an associate professor at the Mary Lou Fulton Teachers College at Arizona State University.

The ME Family (by Emmai Alaquiva) - 102.

Dr. Dara Méndez
Health Equity Editor & Executive Producer

Dara is an Assistant Professor in the Departments of Epidemiology and Behavioral and Community Health Sciences at University of Pittsburgh's Graduate School of Public Health. Her work focuses on the complex intersections between racism, multiple forms of oppression, stress and place in understanding racial/ethnic inequities in pregnancy, birth and women’s health. For more on Dr. Méndez visit:


Cameron Parker
Political Editor & Executive Producer

Cameron is an activist and community organizer based in Washington, D.C. He is invested in providing spaces for Black folk to build, learn, and engage in campaigns affecting their community. Since 2015, Cameron has served as spokesperson for Black Lives Matter in Wilmington, NC and most recently a political organizer with Color of Change PAC. Additionally, Mr. Parker has over fifteen years of experience developing and filming documentary content for television.