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Episode 3: Azukar Coffee

Dr. Juan Carrillo sat down with Azukar Coffee owner, Sandra Flores, to talk about the history of her shop and its importance to the surrounding South Phoenix community.

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ArtPiece Episode 1 

Cameron Parker (BC) spoke with dancer, choreographer, and Techmoja founder, Kevin Lee-Y Green, about the vision of his theater and dance company, the value of community engagement, the necessity of Black arts, and more.

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ArtPiece Episode 2 

Matthew Speamer (BC) spoke with producer and Berklee College of Music student, Tyler Rivera, about beat production, music therapy, and more 

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ArtPiece Episode 3 

Jason Méndez (BC) and E (Hip Hop Point of View) spoke with, singer and songwriter, Victor Latimer about his twenty-plus year career as a recording artist - from his time with C&C music factory to working with Fort Minor, Kelly Price, and more.  

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